[Crm-sig] CIDOC-CRM Domain - Clarification

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Yes, I think this makes the best sense. Richard

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I can also do it on my name (probably being in the board for still some time),
but whatever you regard as appropriate.



Stephen Stead wrote:
> Dear all
> Can we move this forward. I suggest that we nominate somebody (Richard or
> myself or XXXX) to hold any CIDOC domain names that we may gather from time
> to time and once this is done Georg transfers cidoc-crm.org to that
> nominated person.
> I hope that this plan is OK with all parties
> Rgds
> SdS
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>> I would welcome the transfer of the domain name to CIDOC's care.
>> Richard
>> Could we put it under the care of our other domain names through your
>> provider?
> So its the domain cidoc-crm.org that we are talking about?  I see that 
> that domain forwards to http://cidoc.ics.forth.gr/.
> At present, the only domain name CIDOC has is a sub-domain provided by 
> our web host: cidoc.mediahost.org.  This obviously doesn't require 
> separate registration, so there isn't really a precedent for asking them 
> to look after the registration of this one.  I can't see them being at 
> all keen.
> What would be the best thing to do?  As I understand it, domain 
> registration is to a named individual, not to a corporate entity 
> (especially not to a corporate entity - CIDOC - with no official 
> existence!).  This brings us back to the original problem of trying to 
> ensure long-term stability for the domain name.  I'm happy to have the 
> domain transferred to me individually if that's thought to be a good 
> idea (I maintain a scattering of domains for other reasons); or maybe we 
> should choose someone who has just come on to the Board - like Nick - on 
> the grounds that they are likely to be involved for a longer period.
> Richard
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>> Dear all,
>> In order to avoid misunderstandings, I would like to clarify that there was
>> no proposal to create a new CRM website. It was only a request for
>> transfering the already registered domain to CIDOC.
>> Best,
>> Georg Hohmann
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