[Crm-sig] Machine-readable version of CRM definition ?

Giovanni Toffoli toffoli at uni.net
Fri Aug 21 13:34:50 EEST 2009

Thank you very much to all people for the prompt and exhaustive answers.
So, there are several options available.

I'm not an expert of cultural heritage documentation.
While I am developing a prototype of "competence map" in the field of the 
cultural heritage management (analysis, conservation, valorization, ..), I 
have to help a team of researchers in clarifying the requirements and in 
implementing an overly abstract data model.
I think that a partial implementation of the CIDOC-CRM inside the 
integration platform could be useful, mainly for helping reasonig about the 
relationships between the cultural heritage itself, the activities that 
contributed to its formation, the management activities.

Till now I got a very limited assignment and very few resources from my 
I'll start to import the Entity Hierarchy from the OWL document 
It should require very little effort to adapt an import procedure I already 
used for creating taxonomic glossaries and thesauri to be used as 
classification resources.
Possibly, afterwards, I will import also the entire ontology, and address 
the problems concerning the representation of primitive values.

Thank you again.

Best regards, Giovanni Toffoli

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Dear Giovanni, Dear Martin,

> The OWL version version 
> http://www8.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/IMMD8/Services/cidoc-crm/erlangen-crm_090330_5_0_1.owl
> is still debated with respect to the representation of time and other 
> primitive values,
> but it links explicitly to xsd:dateTime.
If you have non ISO 8601 date/time formats, you can simply add them to
the OWL representation.


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