[Crm-sig] ISSUE: CRM compatibility, VERY IMPORTANT

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Dear all,
A first reactions to Martin's draft :
This is definitely a step forward but it still needs a lot of work to turn in into a praticable approach. Considered as a definition of the different aspects of "CRM compatibility", it does help to clarify some important issues. Considered as method for establishing compatibilty, it falls a long way short. The final phrase "The provider or a third party should be able to verify and demonstrate the claim by suitable test data." sums it up... what counts as a suitable test and who would be a relevant third party?  
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Subject: [Crm-sig] ISSUE: CRM compatibility, VERY IMPORTANT
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Dear All,

Attached my draft trying to flesh out in a text form the decisions made
about CRM comaptibility in the last CRM-SIG meeting in May. This should become
the instrument to distinguish false compatibility claims. It should be
rich enough to cover all reasonable application cases. If not, we have to

Please read carefully, with respect to:
a) Is this clear enough so that a good practice of validating CRM compatibility
  can be based on this
b) Is it logically consistent
c) Is it good English
d) Is it functional and useful, is it attractive for providers and users,
      does it foster what we want to achieve with the CRM?

Please comment. This text, your comments or rewritings will be the base for a
decision on the CIDOC Conference if this text will be proposed to ISO
as amendment to ISO21127. Only proposals submitted to this mailing list
before the meeting will be discussed.



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