[Crm-sig] ISSUE: CRM compatibility, VERY IMPORTANT

Detlev Balzer db at dbalzer.net
Thu Sep 11 15:30:09 EEST 2008

Dear Martin and all,

just one remark concerning section 1.2:

it appears as if the information integration environments (local
information vs. integrated access) as defined in the draft do not
include auxiliary information such as what exists in authority
files, thesauri, reference sources, etc.

I can imagine that some providers of such sources may also wish
to make them available in a CRM compatible form.

Let me briefly illustrate this with a hypothetical example.
The various "Annales de l'industrie nationale et étrangère" by
Le Normand and Moléon are reference sources typical for what is
often used by museologists. Some electronic editions (e.g.
http://cnum.cnam.fr/SYN/8XAE9.html) are available, however, only
in human-readable prose form. Now let's assume that someone starts
marking up the text so that individual statements about
manufacturers and their products can be identified and parsed by
machines. Let's further assume that the markup tags are mapped to
CRM entities and properties. Users of the Annales could then
decide if they continue to cite it as a bibliographical reference
(where CRM compatibility will usually end) or to integrate a set
of encoded statements from the Annales with their own descriptive
metadata. In the latter case, both kinds of CRM compatibility
(import/export and access) could become relevant.

This raises the question if (a) the above use case is considered
relevant, and (b) if it is adequately covered by the definition of
integrated access systems as given in section 1.2 of the draft.

Best regards,

martin schrieb:
> Dear All,
> Attached my draft trying to flesh out in a text form the decisions made
> about CRM comaptibility in the last CRM-SIG meeting in May. This should 
> become
> the instrument to distinguish false compatibility claims. It should be
> rich enough to cover all reasonable application cases. If not, we have 
> to change
> it.
> Please read carefully, with respect to:
> a) Is this clear enough so that a good practice of validating CRM 
> compatibility
>  can be based on this
> b) Is it logically consistent
> c) Is it good English
> d) Is it functional and useful, is it attractive for providers and users,
>      does it foster what we want to achieve with the CRM?
> Please comment. This text, your comments or rewritings will be the base 
> for a
> decision on the CIDOC Conference if this text will be proposed to ISO
> as amendment to ISO21127. Only proposals submitted to this mailing list
> before the meeting will be discussed.
> Best,
> Martin
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