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martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Sep 9 19:18:11 EEST 2008

Dear All,

I would like to suggest some last issues for the CRM:

A) Change range of E7 Activity. P20 had specific purpose (was purpose of) from E7 Activity to E5 Events. This would
allow us to talk about machine events, traps etc., set up by people, but not carried out in the proper sense,
where even a sense of "cause" may be debatable (the one who set the trap versus the one who triggered). This is
convenient to describe digital photography and computer "activities". We can still regard that such an event
is part of an overall Activity, but not an Activity in isolation.

B) P51 has former or current owner (is former or current owner of) is subproperty P105 right held by (has right on)

C) P32 used general technique (was technique of) is subproperty of P125 used object of type (was type of object used in)

D) P56 bears feature (is found on) is subproperty of P46 is composed of (forms part of)

E) Rename E29 Design or Procedure. P68 usually employs (is usually employed by):E57 Material
    to P68 foresees use of (use forseen by)

F) Is E11 Modification.P126 employed (was employed in):E57 Material subproperty of P125 used object of type (was type of object used in)??




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