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Date: 2008/9/6
Subject: Re: [Crm-sig] ISSUE: CRM compatibility, VERY IMPORTANT
To: martin <martin at ics.forth.gr>

Dear Martin,

A paragraph is about "without loss of meaning" is very interesting:

"In the context of this chapter, the expression "without loss of
meaning with respect to the CRM concepts" means the following: The CRM
concepts are used to classify items of discourse and their
relationships. By virtue of this classification, data can be
understood as propositions of a kind declared by the CRM about real
world facts, such as "Object x. forms part of: Object y". In case the
encoding, i.e., the language of describing a fact, is changed, only
the expert knowledgeable about both languages can assess if the two
propositions describe the same fact. If that is the case, then there
is no loss of meaning with respect to the senses that can be
classified by CRM concepts. Communities of practice requiring fewer
concepts than the CRM declares may restrict CRM compatibility with
respect to a reasonable, explicitly declared subset of the CRM. "

Few thoughts about it:

The notion of compatibility is based on interpretation of meaning,
which in turn is based on comparing extensions (sets of individuals,

And interpretation of meaning is an activity carried out by expert.

It is hard to imagine that an expert will asses extensions
rather than intensions to make a decision.

Should we distinguish notions of  intensional/extensional meaning?
Should we introduce relationships that preserve meaning (equivalence,

CRM compatibility of data structure depends on declaration
(one may restrict CRM compatibility on one hand and reduce data
structure on another hand).

If there are no incompatible structures, then we could write
"any data structure could be declared as CRM compatible",

else we could provide at least one example of incompatible
structure (with respect to any declaration).

 Best regards,

2008/9/2 martin <martin at ics.forth.gr>:
> Dear All,
> Attached my draft trying to flesh out in a text form the decisions made
> about CRM comaptibility in the last CRM-SIG meeting in May. This should
> become
> the instrument to distinguish false compatibility claims. It should be
> rich enough to cover all reasonable application cases. If not, we have to
> change
> it.
> Please read carefully, with respect to:
> a) Is this clear enough so that a good practice of validating CRM
> compatibility
>  can be based on this
> b) Is it logically consistent
> c) Is it good English
> d) Is it functional and useful, is it attractive for providers and users,
>     does it foster what we want to achieve with the CRM?
> Please comment. This text, your comments or rewritings will be the base for
> a
> decision on the CIDOC Conference if this text will be proposed to ISO
> as amendment to ISO21127. Only proposals submitted to this mailing list
> before the meeting will be discussed.
> Best,
> Martin
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