[Crm-sig] use of single and double quotes in the text of FRBRoo

Chryssoula Bekiari bekiari at ics.forth.gr
Thu Oct 30 18:40:58 EET 2008

Dear All

In the last meeting of CRM and FRBR in Crete, comments made by  
reviewers of FRBRoo about the use of double quotes. Trying to describe 
general rules for the use of double and single quotes we find the 
following cases:

1. When we want to make reference to the word itself  rather than the 
meaning we enclose the word in single quotes. E.g. The word 'greywacke' 
has had a number of different definitions.

2. double quotation marks may be used to indicate an informal name or 
term. E.g. The  "lower member" consists of sandstone with minor shale

3. Single quotation marks or italics may be used for titles

In any case the use of quotation marks for informal terms should be 
reduced to the absolute minimum. However in the ISO text of CRM all 
appellations are in double quotes.

Please comment and vote



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