[Crm-sig] Licensing [was Re: Licensisng]

Hohmann, Georg g.hohmann at gnm.de
Fri Oct 24 11:45:40 EEST 2008

> All rights reserved, then?

I think this is an interesting point.

> Unlike the BIBO and FRBR 
> ontologies which have CC-BY licenses?

In my opinion CC-BY would be a good choice for licencing the definition document. "Creative Commons" was initiated by Lawrence Lessig, and is commonly used in several domains. With this licence everybody is allowed to copy, distribute and to "remix" the work, but there has to be always a reference to the original creators and the licence agreement.

There are several other, more restricted versions of the Creative Commons Licence which would be worth a look. Maybe to restrict the use of the text for commercial purposes would be a point, which could be achieved using the cc-by-nc-licence.

I guess therefore a clarification with ISO would be needed about possible conflicts with the selling of the text as an iso-document.

Well, maybe this is worth a discussion - without hurry.

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