[Crm-sig] CIDOC-CRM Domain

Hohmann, Georg g.hohmann at gnm.de
Mon Oct 20 11:39:51 EEST 2008

Dear Christian-Emil Ore,
Dear all,

those of use that attended the CIDOC2008 Conference in Athens this September already know that Prof. Görz made a presentation of an owl-dl implememation of the CRM. We also used this implemenation in our workshop "Museum documentation in transdisciplinary perspective" (http://www.cidoc2008.gr/cidoc/site/Home/t_docpage?doc=/Documents/conference/museum-documentation-in-transdisciplinary-perspective). For this purposes there was a need to have a slick namespace as it is needed for all owl-ontologies. So I registered the domain "cidoc-crm.org". The idea was to forward all requests to "http://www.cidoc-crm.org" to the crm-website at ICS-FORTH, whereas the subdirectory "owl" should point to the mentioned owl-implementation. That would have allowed to generate a namespace like "http://www.cidoc-crm.org/owl/2008/09/01/cidoc-crm-4.2.4.owl#".
I apologize for not thinking twice about possible conflicts with the interests of the CRM-SIG itself and for some misunderstanding we may have caused. In Athens there was a discussion to give the CRM a new domain due to its increasing popularity. As "cidoc-crm.org" would be a perfect domain for the CRM (and the SIG) i would like to transfer this domain - if needed - to an institution that is related to the SIG. Maybe the CIDOC itself should host and own this domain.

Nevertheless it would be nice if a new website for the CRM would have more collaboration functionalities and a place for - let's call it "third-party-products" -, where partitioners could maintain information about what they provide and keep it up-to-date by themselfs, of course always in consultation with the SIG.

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