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Thanks a lot, Stephen,

In my case, I would like to link two instances of E55 Type:
engraving (technique type) [E55] and engraving (object type) [E55]
to describe "intensional" knowledge like in the phrase
"engraving techniques usually produce engravings".

The E55 is also a sub-class of E71.
If I understand you correctly, I can write:
engraving (technique type) [E55] -> P103 was intended for (was
intention of) -> engraving (object type) [E55].


2008/11/20, Stephen Stead <steads at paveprime.org>:
> Vladimir
>  The E29 Design or Procedure is a sub-class of E71 Man-Made Thing and so P103
>  was intended for (was intention of) can be used to link to an instance of
>  E55 Type {Making of an instance of object type x}. Of course actual
>  instances of E12 Production can also be linked via P2 has type (is type of)
>  to the same instance of E55 Type.
>  The mismatch has already been corrected but well caught!
>  P68 usually employs (is usually employed by): E57 Material
>  P68 usually employs (is usually employed by)
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>  Dear All,
>  there is a P103 in the CRM which models
>  "methods and techniques of use" intended for "specific man-made things" .
>  How could one model that a method  or a technique is usually
>  used to produce (or intended to produce) particular type of  "man-made
>  things"?
>  Such a property could be out of the CRM's scope,
>  but it provide quite common knowledge.
>  The CRM already defines "P68 foresees use of "
>  which links techniques  and materials in a similar manner.
>  (remark: there is a mismatch of "P68" name netween E29 definition and
>  Property definition in v.4.3)
>  Best,
>  Vladimir Ivanov.
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