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The E29 Design or Procedure is a sub-class of E71 Man-Made Thing and so P103
was intended for (was intention of) can be used to link to an instance of
E55 Type {Making of an instance of object type x}. Of course actual
instances of E12 Production can also be linked via P2 has type (is type of)
to the same instance of E55 Type.

The mismatch has already been corrected but well caught!
P68 usually employs (is usually employed by): E57 Material
P68 usually employs (is usually employed by)

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Dear All,

there is a P103 in the CRM which models
"methods and techniques of use" intended for "specific man-made things" .

How could one model that a method  or a technique is usually
used to produce (or intended to produce) particular type of  "man-made

Such a property could be out of the CRM's scope,
but it provide quite common knowledge.

The CRM already defines "P68 foresees use of "
which links techniques  and materials in a similar manner.
(remark: there is a mismatch of "P68" name netween E29 definition and
Property definition in v.4.3)

Vladimir Ivanov.
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