[Crm-sig] CIDOC CRM new version and CALL FOR VOTE

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I have already sent an edit of P107. It is attached again.
A] Approved
B] Approved subject to my edits

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Dear All,

Before we finish the complete minutes, which will take some time, we attach
the intermediate version of the CRM, as is the result of the direct
decisions taken in London Nov. 6-7.

It contains the new text for compatibility, for Types, and several other
scope note changes.

This version is CIDOC CRM version 4.3. The changes are listed in the annex.
Attached. Please read carefully.

One issue was left open: the rephrasing of the last phrase of the new
Compatibility Chapter, which we decided to do via e-mail. We have already
taken votes on this before the meeting, the text we present now here is a
minor modification.
It was also approvedby a lawyer.

Also, Christian Emil rose the issue of 107.1, documentation of membership

A) DO YOU APPROVE THAT on page viii in CIDOC CRM version 4.3,

the Phrase:
"The provider should be able to demonstrate the claim with suitable test
data. A third party should be able to verify the claim with suitable test

is replaced by:
""The provider should be able to demonstrate the claim with suitable test
data. The provider should be able to demonstrate its claim according to
certain procedures included in any applicable certificate practice related

The provider should either make evidence of these procedures publicly
available on the Internet on a site nominated by the ISO community of use,
so that any third party is able to verify the claim with suitable test data,
or acquire a certificate by a certification authority (CA).

A trusted third party recognised and authorised by a competent regulatory
authority to act as a CA in this practice area, should be able to verify the
credentials of the provider applying for such certificate and thus, of its
claim with suitable test data, before issuing the certificate so that the
users can trust the information in the CA certificates.

The CA will grant the provider of the certified system the right to use the
"CRM compatible" logo."


the addition of properties of properties P107.1, P144.1, as described in the
attached proposal.


The result of this vote will be CIDOC CRM version 5.0, which will be
submitted to ISO as proposed amendment.




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