[Crm-sig] asymmetric relations between people

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Mon Nov 10 12:29:13 EET 2008

Dear Christian-Emil,

Indeed, social relations are an open field in the CRM. What's not clear to me is, which
empirical material to base on. May be too early.

Your examples below can be explained by the existing CRM:
Sister = birth with common mother & father. No group needed.
Master-client should be activity mediated: Apprenticeship.
This is more a question of how extended we regard an Activity could be.

I have difficulties to grasp the semantics of a generic non-event mediated social relationship.
Legal relationships, such as slave and lord, may need other models than friendship or

May be too early to decide? In any case, I take your question for very relevant, and we should collect
evidence from real data. Input welcome.


c.e.s.ore at edd.uio.no wrote:
> We have been studing TEI and CRM today. Family relations found in hold
> historical sources can be expressed by the use of group. Eg two sisters
> are members of a 'sister'-group'.  But in many historical sources there
> are relations like Master-client, tat is asymmetric relations . There is
> no .1 type of being a member of a group. Such a .1 would have solved the
> problem. Should this be added before the document goes to ISO?
> Opinions?
> Regards,
> Christian-Emil
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