[Crm-sig] ISSUES: Scope Notes and the Implementation of CRM in OWL-DL

Bernhard Schiemann Bernhard.Schiemann at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Nov 6 15:55:16 EET 2008

Dear all,
according to Martin's Email ("Of course, this is one possible "CRM
compatible form", (if you could in the end give us
something we agree on, the sooner the better, please change also the
Primitive Value implementation).") and some discussions Martin and I had
in Athens there are some issues for the scope notes to discuss/modify, like:
-According to Martin and his RDF Version (also mentioned in the compat.
document) all labels of properties should be extended by a F (PXXXF) and
the labels of the inverse properties by B (PXXXB). As proposed by Martin
by the compat. document this would change e.g. "P1 is identified by" and
"(identifies)" to "P1F.is_identified_by" and "P1B.identifies" as
proposed in the "reduced_crm.owl"-file Martin sent. Our implementation
in contrast simply names the properties "P1.is_identified_by" and
"P1I.identifies" (I for inverse). Mathematicians often name inverse
relations with an ^1.
This does not affect the semantics of the properties, so I think the SIG
could simply vote on this issue.
-For the entities E59 Primitive Value (and sub-entities) Martin proposed
that they should not be entities like E1 and others anymore.
-The sub-entities of E41 Appellation should they be all different or
could the same particular/instance of a E44 Place Appellation
additionally be an instance of an E82 Actor Appellation?

These are the issues I remember, Martin could you please add others, if
I forgot one?


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