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I believe we should first of all make clear what a conceptual model is (briefly). We have to distinguish the role of conceptual model vis-à-vis metadata schemas, content standards etc. For example, metadata schemas are focusing description and on covering the search and retrieval needs of users, whilst ontologies’ target is to specify the semantic notions that define a domain (e.g. cultural heritage, multimedia, legal etc.) and their interrelationships providing a wider yet explicitly specified aspect, mostly oriented to cover information integration needs (i.e. facilitates reasoning, higher degree of abstraction, query model that corresponds to the users’ view of the domain, integration, inter-ontology mappings). 
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Here are some ideas for the short document for the archive community (Friday 7th Nov. 9:30-):The common ontology for museums, libraries and archives should enable capturing information about curated artifacts in a way that takes into account object, process and context:(1) Object related information includes- Descriptive information about the artifact itself(2) Process related information includes information about- Events and activities related to the creation of artifacts- Events and activities related to the history of artifacts- Events and activities related to the curation and storage of artifacts(3) Context related information includes- Information about context of creation and original use of the artifact- Contextual information related to the history of the artifact- Information about the contemporary context of the artifactBest regards,Mika~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Synapse Computing Oy, Arabiankatu 2, 00560 Helsinkiinfo at synapse-computing.com+358-9-8569 9696 puh/tel+358-9-8569 9595 fax~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

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