[Crm-sig] Mapping of museumdat and CDWA Lite

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Dear All

Enclosed is an arrangement where museumdat is mapped to CDWA Lite.

The primary purpose of this arrangement is to implicitely illustrate the mapping of museumdat to CIDOC CRM as a step to making the linkage between the two standards explicit. Another purpose is to facilitate the construction of database schemata. A third purpose is to facilitate linking of thesauri and authority lists to these database schemata. 

The document may serve as a background aid to the discussion on Friday 7th Nov. 9:30-11:00 where the themes are

* Discuss about the short  document for archive community
* Discuss about the extensions to  CRM and how to organize  them
* Ontology and data structures
* Use of cardinality constraints  and use cases
* Co reference and CRM 
* Transformation software  (museumdat-> RDFS CRM/OWL) 
It can be printed out in A3 format or read on a screen at 70% zoom.


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