[Crm-sig] Ontology Languages: Decidability Issues

Guenther Goerz guenther.goerz at gmail.com
Thu May 15 17:27:07 EEST 2008

Dear all,

for those of you who are interested in decidability questions in the context
of ontology languages, let me recommend a few readings:

For a general introduction and definition of the concept of
decidability, there are many textbooks which can be consulted, e.g.
 Barwise, J.; Etchemendy, J.: Language, Proof, and Logic.  CSLI
 Publications, New York: Seven-Bridges-Press, 2000
or lexicon articles like that in the Stanford Encyclopedia of
Philosophy on "Automatic Theorem Proving" (section 3):

W.r.t. to RDF/S and OWL-DL (description logics) in particular, the
following paper is helpful:

Ian Horrocks, Peter F. Patel-Schneider: Three Theses of Representation
in the Semantic Web.  Proceedings of WWW2003, May 20-24, 2003,
Budapest, Hungary, 39--47

Some more background information can be found in:

Peter F. Patel-Schneider: Building the Semantic Web Tower from RDF
Straw.  Nineteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial
Intelligence. Edinburgh, Scotland, August 2005.
(This paper shows that - and how - paradoxes can be formulated in
full RDF/S)

Peter Patel-Schneider, Jerome Simeon: The Yin/Yang Web: XML Syntax
and RDF Semantics. The Eleventh International World Wide Web
Conference. Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2002.

Jeff Z. Pan and Ian Horrocks: RDFS(FA): A DL-ised Sub-language of
RDFS.  Proc. of the 2003 Description Logic Workshop (DL 2003), Vol. 81
of CEUR Proceedings, Sunsite Aachen.

All of these papers can be retrieved from the Web.  Finally, I would
like to give a reading recommendation for those who are interested
in a methodological and constructive approach to predication, concept
formation, truth and verification, reasoning and the construction of
scientific theories.  It is a textbook on the freshman level (at least as
it used to be before our universities were punished with the introduction
of the Bachelor system...):

W. Kamlah, P. Lorenzen: Logical Propaedeutic.  Pre-School of
Reasonable Discourse. Lanham etc.: University Press of America, 1984

Hope this helps,
-- Guenther

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