[Crm-sig] E55 Type: Issue preliminarily closed

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Jul 1 13:26:23 EEST 2008

Dear All,

I have called for a vote on a new text about types for the amendment of the CRM.
I got two votes in favor, and two suggesting another text.

I conclude that the issue seems not to find the interest of the majority of the
Group. There is no majority for the new text.
Therefore the old text will stay in place, until someone produces another alternative
that can be subject of a vote.

On occasion of this, I would like to remind all partners that the ability of our Group
to make progress and decisions depends on a good working style.

Statements about decisions of other partners do not belong to that.

Criticism on all issues is most welcome, but anyone who critisizes should be prepared
to produce an alternative that is better than the critisized, and expose this to a public vote.
All members of this group are authors of the CRM.

Note also, that we work on an amendment for ISO21127:2006, under a limited time frame.
Any improvement for this version should be decided until September 2008.



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