[Crm-sig] FRBRoo R10's superproperty

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Dear All,

In fact, each property (R10, P137, etc.) 
could be treated as a couple : R10F(orward) and R10B(ackward) or P137F and P137B.

Maybe, the issue is in the order of property names. 

"is example of     #R10F#         (has example) #R10B#"    and 
"is exemplified by #P137F#        (exemplifies) #P137B#"  .

and property hierarchy: 

R10F Subproperty of P137B 
R10B Subproperty of P137F

looks normal.

Or, we could imagine inverse order:

"is example of     #R10F#         (has example) #R10B#"    and 
"is exemplified by #P137B#        (exemplifies) #P137F#"  .

and correspond property hierarchy.

As for the first part of the letter, 

We could apply a simple test:

To be _an example of_ someting is to _have type_ of something
isn't it?


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Subject: [Crm-sig] FRBRoo R10's superproperty

> Dear All,
>     The R10 property has the following definition:
> R10 is example of (has example)
> Domain: F5 Item
> Range: F3 Manifestation Product Type
> Subproperty of: P2 has type
>     According CIDOC CRM document, "the intension of
> the subproperty extends the intension of the superproperty,
> i.e. its traits are more restrictive than that of its superproperty"
>    To be a "example" is not a "more restrictive" case of to be a "type".
>    I think the most appropriate CIDOC CRM superproperty for R10
> should be:
> P137: is exemplified by (exemplifies)
> Domain: E55 Type
> Image: E1 CRM Entity.
>    So, to align the subproperty intension with the superproperty intension,
>  I think it's necessary to redefine (invert Range/Domain) R10:
>  R10 has example (is example of)
> Domain: F3 Manifestation Product Type
> Range: F5 Item
> Subproperty of: P137 is exemplified by (exemplifies)
>    Now,
> F3 Manifestation Product Type <has example> F5 Item
>    is a specific case of
> E55 Type <is exemplied by> E1 CRM Entity.
> Regards
> Joao Lima
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