[Crm-sig] Suggestion for Issue 158 (Propositional Object)

João Oliveira joaoli13 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 08:06:01 EET 2008

Dear all,

The following are suggestions regarding the Issue 158 (Intermediate class
between E28 Conceptual Object and E73 Information Object ....):

I - First, the IsA properties:
a) E55_Type isA E28_Conceptual_Object
b) E30_Right isA E28_Conceptual_Object
c) E73_Information_Object isA E28_Conceptual_Object
d) F2_Expression isA E73_Information_Object
e) Exx_Propositional_Object isA E28_Conceptual_Object
f) F1_Work isA Exx_Propositional_Object
II - Propositional and Information Objects Classes
g) Create Exx_Propositional_Object Ryy_isRealizedIn(realizes)
E73_Information_Object with quantification '(1,1:1,1) necessary dependent'
g.1) Change R65 quantification for '(1,1:1,1) necessary dependent'
g.2) Define "R65 isA Ryy_isRealizedIn(realizes)"
Reasoning: if anything has information, it's possible to state propositions
about it.

III - Aboutness
h) Exx_Propositional_Object P129_isAbout E1_Entity
h.1) Remove the 'P129 isA P67'
h.2) Create E73_Information_Object Pzz_isAbout E1_Entity as shortcut for:
h.2.1) E73_Information_Object Ryy_(realizes) Exx_Propositional_Object
P129_isAbout E1_Entity
Reasoning: 'Aboutness' is different from 'Reference'.

IV - Appelation
i) E41 Appelation isA F2 Expression

Joao Lima
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