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Hello Martin,

Indeed I think this is an essential area to protect the integrity of the
CRM. In the recent development of MIDAS Heritage
(www.midas-heritage.org.uk) for the UK historic environment sector much
thought and attention was given to compliance.

Essentially there are two forms of compliance with MIDAS Heritage:
information system compliance (i.e. the software can provide all the
necessary features to comply) and dataset compliance (the dataset
contains all the necessary data, suitable to the objectives of the
dataset). This reflects the opinion that theses aspects of compliance
are typically the responsibility of different people - the software
vendors, and the dataset managers.

Is that useful? The detail is given in Part One of MIDAS Heritage pages
17 - 20.

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Dear All,

Recently there seem to be increasing claims of compatibility with the
CIDOC CRM. May be our
standard text is not clear enough about that. I suggest to regard as
minimal compatibility the ability to
represent at least certain kinds of possibly multiple events associated
with a Thing or an Actor.
This needs further elaboration.



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