[Crm-sig] Questions from Europeana (and its CIDOC-CRM implementation practice)

Go Sugimoto Go.Sugimoto at KB.nl
Fri Apr 4 17:22:31 EEST 2008

Hello CRM-SIG,


I am Go Sugimoto from Europeana, the Netherlands. I have just joined the mailinglist. 

As Martin Doerr asked me to post some of my questions regarding to the mapping Dublin Core to CIDOC-CRM, 

I would like to share/discuss them in relation to what I am doing for this European project which will create a web 

portal/API to access to 2 million objects across libraries, museums and archives in Europe. 

The task is challenging and seriously big. See details at our website: http://www.europeana.eu/ 

Some questions may have obvious answer, but I am working on something practical, so I hope it is useful for you too.


Q1) I am not sure how to use the similar properties. CRM official document does not tell in detail sometimes. In particular, if I would like to link E84 Information carrier (original painting of Gogh in a museum) and E38 Image (Jpeg image of the painting). Possible options are:


 A) P128 carries (is carried by) and its subproperty P65 - shows visual item (is shown by)

 B) P67 refers to (is referred to by) and its subpropeties P129 - is about (is subject of) and P138 -  

      represents (has representation)

 C) P62 depicts (is depicted by)


I understand the difference between superproperties and subproperties of A) and B). But A), B) and C) themselves are quite similar. Martin said that A) does not have to include all characters of object, while

 B) contains the whole. In case of the relationship between JPEG file and Museum Object, what is the best property?


Q2) E62 Sting has no properties. However I have Dublin Core data like this:


<dc:description xml:lang="de">

Maria Delvard in einem langen, engen Kleid und Kimono </dc:description>


So I naturally mapped Dublin Core Description to E62 String and xml:lang.

xml:lang can be used for encording purposes, but it seems that semantic query cannot be achieved this way

(xml:lang is outside CRM semantics). How can I query for E62 String which has language “De”?

Isn't it possible somehow to attach CRM language semantic to E62 String? Or is this my misunderstanding?


Q3) I have a URL for a JPEG file. I created rdf:about for this image from URL. But I may need to use this URL for Appellation. Isn’t it redundant?

For instance, I use the same URL for rdf:about and rdfs:label.


  <crm:E38.Image rdf:about="http://www.bildarchivaustria.at/B307803T4438889.jpg">


      <crm:E41.Appellation rdf:about="http://www.bildarchivaustria.at/B307803T4438889.jpg /dc:identifer" rdfs:label=" http://www.bildarchivaustria.at/B307803T4438889.jpg"/>



Best regards,

Interoperability Manager, Europeana

Go Sugimoto

go.sugimoto at kb.nl 







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