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João Oliveira joaoli13 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 01:09:47 EEST 2007

Dear All,

    Anyone could explain why 'F4 Manifestation Singleton' isn't a subclass
of 'E84 Information Carrier'?

Thanks in advance

João Lima

'F4 Manifestation Singleton' Scope Note
This class comprises physical objects that each carry an instance of F2
Expression, and that
were produced as unique object, with no siblings intended in the course of
its production. It
should be noted that if all but one copy of a given publication are
destroyed, then that copy
does not become an instance of F4 Manifestation Singleton, because it was
produced together
with sibling copies, even though it now happens to be unique. Examples of
instances of F4
Manifestation Singleton include manuscripts, preparatory sketches and the
final clean draft
sent by an author or a composer to a publisher.

'E84 Information Carrier' Scope Note
This class comprises all instances of E22 Man-Made Object that are
explicitly designed to act
as persistent physical carriers for instances of E73 Information Object.
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