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Subject: CDWA Lite meeting in Chicago
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 11:48:15 -0800
From: Erin Coburn <ECoburn at getty.edu>
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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you the agenda for the CDWA Lite Advisory
Committee meeting that is taking place in Chicago this week, in
conjunction with MCN's Annual conference.  Since our discussions in
Vienna during CIDOC, a lot of activity and development has taken place
with regards to CDWA Lite.  There has been tremendous interest to try
and align CDWA Lite with the work that has been done on museumdat, and
to make it more compatible with CIDOC CRM.  After the meetings in
Chicago, I'll update you on further developments.



CDWA Lite Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda:
Saturday, November 10th, 1:30-4:00 Steamboat Room, Holiday Inn,
Merchandise Mart (MCN Conference Hotel)

Objective: CDWA Lite has proven to be successful in serving as a low-
barrier way to contribute collections to union resources, which
utilizes accepted data content, data structure, and data technical
standards, specifically: Categories for the Description of Works of
Art, Cataloging Cultural Objects, and the Open Archives Initiative
Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.  CDWA Lite is not intended to be a
full complement of data for research, but rather to be the minimal
amount of information needed to ensure effective resource discovery
and access.

Since CDWA Lite Version 1.1 has been available to the community, a few
significant developments have occurred.  First, RLG formed a Museum
Collections Sharing Working Group to evaluate the CDWA Lite schema,
its intended use, and ease of implementation.  Second, the Getty and
OCLC developed OAICatMuseum, which is software that allows object
descriptions and accompanying resources to be harvested in accordance
with the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.
This software comes with simple instructions for any institution to
configure their server to be OAI compliant for harvesting. Finally,
the international community has begun to embrace CDWA Lite, most
notably in Germany with the creation of museumdat, which extends CDWA
Lite to be in accordance CIDOC CRM (ISO21127).

With these developments, the CDWA Lite Advisory Committee felt it was
time to do an official community review of CDWA Lite version 1.1,
followed by a public meeting to be held in-conjunction with MCN's
Annual Conference in Chicago, to discuss the results of the survey and
advancements made in the community with CDWA Lite.  The goal of this
meeting is to discuss what changes need to be made to the current
version of CDWA Lite to warrant its greater use and applicability in
the larger community, which includes its use outside of North

Furthermore, the committee wishes to come to a resolution concerning
different manifestations of CDWA Lite, and to adopt one common shared
standard.  The most significant alteration of CDWA Lite is in
museumdat, which rearranges a few elements to allow for documenting
events associated with the life of an object.  This addition brings
CDWA Lite in compliance with CIDOC CRM (ISO21127). In advance of the
meeting, efforts will be made to evaluate the differences in
documentation between CDWA Lite and museumdat, in addition to
technical and schematic differences.

It is the Advisory Committee's hope that the meeting in Chicago serves
as a forum for coming to resolution on a new version of CDWA Lite,
which takes into account the great work that has been achieved with
museumdat, in addition to incorporating other changes that have been
deemed relevant and important to the larger cultural heritage


I. Introduction to CDWA Lite (Ken Hamma, Executive Director, Digital
Policy & Initiatives, J. Paul Getty Trust; and Erin Coburn, Head,
Collections Information & Access, J. Paul Getty Museum)

II. Community Review (Report provided by Tim Hart, Manager,
Institutional Research, J. Paul Getty Trust)

III. Major Contributions to CDWA Lite
- RLG Museum Collections Sharing Working Group (Günter Waibel, RLG
Programs, OCLC)
- Museumdat (presentation by Regine Stein, Zuse-Institute Berlin)

IV. Discussion of technical difference between CDWA Lite and Museumdat
(Jay Hoffman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Gallery Systems;
additional feedback provided by Joe Shubitowski, Head, Library
Information Systems, Getty Research Institute)

V. Discussion of suggested changes to CDWA Lite based on the Community
Review, and adopting the new structure of CDWA Lite as presented in
- Review of CDWA Lite and its relationship with CIDOC CRM (ISO21127)
(Report provided by Martin Doerr, ICS-FORTH, Heraklion, Greece)

VI. Implementations of CDWA Lite; Impact changes to CDWA Lite has on
current activities
- Vendor Implementations (Robb Detlefs, Director, Product Management,
Gallery Systems)
- Mellon Grant to RLG "Museum Data Exchange" (Günter Waibel, RLG
Programs, OCLC)

VII. Next Steps: Roles and Responsibilities
- Summation of meeting; agreement on changes
- Updating current documentation
- Changes to OAICatMuseum
- Home for new version of CDWA Lite

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