[Crm-sig] [crm-sig] cidoc 4.2 in owl + alignment to DOLCE-Ultralight

Aldo Gangemi a.gangemi at istc.cnr.it
Tue Jun 12 20:39:07 EEST 2007

Dear CRM specialists, I'd like to point you at a new OWL version of  
CIDOC 4.2, which I have produced for other purposes. It is based on  
the official RDFS version, and besides the semantic translation, it  
only includes a guess about the datatypes used in some CIDOC  
properties. Please refer to file documentation for details (I've put  
it in a ftp area of my lab, but if you find it useful, please copy it  
where appropriate:


I've also made a simple alignment of CIDOC top classes to DOLCE- 
Ultralight classes. This has been quite simple, due to the  
compatibility between CIDOC and DOLCE rationales. The advantage for  
CIDOC is that, through DOLCE links, it inherits class disjointness,  
the potential for further alignment, specially on the property side,  
and additional expressivity e.g. to model "relational contexts" or  
"information object reasoning" on top of CIDOC models. The aligned  
file is at:


You can remove and redo the owl:import of DOLCE-Ultralight without  
problems: leave it if you need to reason over full DOLCE, otherwise  
remove it, but the disjointness will remain available.
DOLCE-Ultralight is downloadable from:


Please let me know any comments about usefulness or possible  
improvements. Consider in the next months a new library of ontology  
design patterns based on DOLCE-Ultralight will be available.

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