[Crm-sig] right held and is owner

Christian-Emil Ore c.e.s.ore at edd.uio.no
Tue Feb 27 22:35:52 EET 2007

Dear all,
I read through a CRM mapping of the basic Norwegian photo documentation 
standard where ownership and intellectual rights where mapped by P51 and 
P105 respectively:

Ownership, event oriented

Full path:
E18 Physical Thing <- P24 Transferred Title of <- E8 Acquisition Event 
-> P22 Transferred title to -> E39Actor

E18 Physical Thing   -> P51 has former or current owner ->  E39 Actor


Intellectual rights, no event      
Full path in CRM:
E72 Legal Object ->P104 Is subject to -> E30Right <- P75Posesses <- E39Actor

E72 Legal Object->P105Right held by-> E39Actor

According to the CRM one can only own physical stuff (thing forgive me). 
One can only hold rights to abstracts/conceptual objects. This is ok. 
One may also hold rights to physical stuff. Is it possible to imagine 
ownership without a some kind of legal system?  The scope note for E30 
Right: "This class comprises legal privileges concerning material and 
immaterial things or their derivatives". A fair interpretation of "legal 
privileges" includes all types of ownership. So it not unnatural to use 
P105 instead of P51. So should E8 Acquisition be replacedby /be a 
subclass  an "Acquisition of right"  event or the properties adjusted?


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