[Crm-sig] P109

Christian-Emil Ore c.e.s.ore at edd.uio.no
Fri Feb 9 16:03:29 EET 2007

Dear all,
I got a comment from my colleague Jon Holmen about  P109 has current or 
former curator.  P109 is the only direct link link between E39 actor 
(and subclasses) and E78 collection. The other links P49, P50, P51 P52 
and P105 are all shortcuts between E24 physical man made stuff and E39 
actor. In fact there is no direct link between between E39 (or subs) and 
E39 Actor (or subs) except the P109.

The standard is aware of this problem, see below. For me it is unclear 
what kind of responsibilities a curator has and if it is possible to 
identifiy them, I suggest we should make P109 into a shortcut via an 
activity. In an FRBR setting a curator is not unclose to a editior.


P109 has current or former curator (is current or former curator of)

Domain:		E78 Collection
Range:		E39 Actor
Quantification:	many to many, necessary (1,n:0,n)

Scope note:	This property identifies the E39 Actor or Actors who assume 
or have assumed overall curatorial responsibility for an E78 Collection.

This property is effectively a short-cut. It does not allow a history of 
curation to be recorded. This would require use of an Event assigning 
responsibility for a Collection to a curator.

  the Robert Opie Collection (E78) has current or former curator Robert 
Opie (E39)

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