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Fri Apr 27 18:53:31 EEST 2007

Dear All,

Following the first feedback for the next meeting, were several colleagues have voted for
more time for CRM-SIG core issues, we have checked the agenda items for
the CRM-SIG session. See attached file.

Particularly extended discussion will be needed for:
Issue id. 144:  *P16 used specific object (was used for) in R26 used constituent(was used in)
*Issue id. 145: *"shows /how to realise/" a plan
*Issue id. 145: *How to model digital image taking or digital recording

*Issue id. 149: *Family relations
*Issue id 153: Activity without outcome

It seems that the issues sum up to two full days days meeting, including a short new issues and
next steps discussion.

During the last FRBR-CRM meetings, we have followed a relatively open discussion. I suggest
to close up FRBRoo in a more disciplined manner, as we used for CRM-SIG meetings:
All discussion items should be prepared already by an elaboration or proposal.

In this light, I'd like to know, if we shall have substantial material until begin of July
for discussing
1) Recording Event, Recording Work, Recording Expression
2) "Core FRBRoo",
3) Oral tradition
If not, we need at most one day for FRBRoo issues, and have two days for CRM-SIG

I suggest the following:

Monday, July 9 FRBR-CRM
Tuesday-Wednesday 10-11 CRM-SIG
Thursday morning optional CRM-SIG/FRBR-CRM, according to progress.

Please Comment.

BTW, Could someone present what "authorities" and "families" are in the librarian view or in the archives




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