[Crm-sig] Next CRM Meeting, CALL FOR FEED BACK

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Apr 17 18:09:28 EEST 2007

Dear All,

In the last Meeting we envisaged July, 9-12 for the next FRBR-CRM harmonization Meeting
and the next CRM-SIG Meeting.

We have the kind invitation of Matthew Stiff, (Director of Environmental Informatics
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Maclean Building, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford)

to join our meeting with a workshop on ontologies/semantic integration at the National e-Science Centre (Edinburgh) on 12-13 July.

 > The workshop aims
 >       To bring together:
 >           - Environmental scientists
 >           - Data providers
 >           - Semantic web researchers
 >       To cover the topics of:
 >           - domain ontologies
 >           - ontologies across domains
 >           - integration of developments in the semantic web and GRID technology relevant to inter-disciplinary science
 >       With the objective of:
 >           - extending and discussing the key challenges in integrating datasets spanning many domains.
 >           - assess the use of domain ontologies and/or their combinations thereof to integrate datasets.
 >           - developing partnerships for environmental informatics collaboration

We have enough issues on the CRM-SIG agenda for two days.

We have to decide a basic set of
amendments that allow us to integrate more smoothly FRBRoo and others.
On the other side, finalizing FRBRoo may need at least another two days. We may have the morning of the
12th for our meeting.


A) 1.5 days FRBR-CRM, (Monday morning- Tuesday morning) 2 days CRM issues (Tuesday afternoon - Thursday morning)
B) 2 days  FRBR-CRM,(Monday morning- Tuesday afternoon) 1.5 days CRM issues (Wednesday morning- Thursday morning).
C) 2 days FRBR-CRM, (Sunday afternoon 8.7. - Tuesday morning) 2 days CRM issues (Tuesday afternoon - Thursday morning)

Given that Thursday morning is available.

Please let me know, your preferences and confirm your attendance.



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