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Dear All,

the below may find your interest. BTW, the
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literary ontology
Fiona Oliver <Fiona.Oliver at MCH.GOVT.NZ>
Tue, 14 Mar 2006 12:33:41 +1300
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I’m involved with creating an ontology to link works of literature and literary criticism in a topic map. The content that we are linking is 
currently on a larger site (all marked up in TEI), which already uses a topic map to store and map relationships between the texts it has 
digitised. The current topic map links simple concepts such as works, divisions of a work, authorship, publication, dates, and names of 
people, places and institutions, using an ontology derived in part from the CIDOC CRM (http://cidoc.ics.forth.gr/). However, we need an 
entirely new set of topics and associations that are not descriptive, but interpretive, which we can apply to language objects as well as 
actual things. For example, a few words or lines of text may exemplify the author's treatment of a particular concept, or show the influence 
of one or more other authors, works, moods, ideas etc.

My question is, before we press on and risk re-inventing the wheel (even a small, squeaky one), does anyone know if there is already a 
formalised set of entities (topics) and relationships (associations) that could be usefully used in a topic map?

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