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Greetings from Fargo!
Look forward to whatever Steve and others post on CAA discussions, etc.
By the way, there is an interesting thread and a Item Format survey on
the DC-collections list, which should be of interest and relevance to
the AWG as well as the CRM SIG (? Steve? are you involved in this effort?)

A new survey is available for completion. The survey is called:

- DC Collection Description AP : Item Format property

Please follow the link below to complete the survey as soon as possible:

The initial conclusion date of the survey is: 09/07/2006

Please note: depending on the configuration of this list, replying to this email may not yield a response,
so if in doubt please contact the list owner directly by emailing DC-COLLECTIONS-request at jiscmail.ac.uk.

and Pete Johnson wrote regarding the Item Format:

We have an outstanding work item to address the question of whether/how
to capture the fact that a collection includes some items of a specified
media-type or physical medium (e.g. that a digital collection includes
some TIFF images or PDF documents; or a physical collection includes oil
paintings or ink drawings etc.), so that applications can support
searching or grouping of descriptions based on this information.

There was a fairly lengthy debate around this point on the list last
year (see [1], [2] and follow-on messages), and a straw-poll, results at
[3] with more discussion.

I think there were broadly five opinions expressed:

(i) we don't need to express this at all in the DC CD AP;

(ii) we should express this information, and we should capture this
information using the dc:format property in a statement about the

(iii) we should express this information, and we should define a new
property (e.g. cld:itemFormat) to use in a statement about the
collection, and that property should _not_ be a subproperty of dc:format

(iv) we should express this information, and we should define a new
property (e.g. cld:itemFormat) to use in a statement about the
collection; and that property _should_ be a subproperty of dc:format

(v) whether we want the information or not, we can't capture this
information in a statement about the collection (because any attempt
would break DCMI's "one-to-one" rule)

I don't think there was any clear consensus for the way forward, though
I think at one point we were close to having a small majority of those
who voiced an opinion preferring (iii):

I've drawn up a proposal for a property based on approach (iii) with
some examples:


And an outline description of its use in the DC CD AP


I've set up a survey on the Jiscmail website to canvass opinions on this
proposal. An announcement to the list from the Jiscmail server should
follow shortly. The survey will be available for two weeks.

Please complete the survey - it is very short. Feel free to post
comments here as well, but please do complete the survey so that your
vote is counted!


Cripps P.J. wrote:

 >I look forward to the CAA 2006 notes having not been able to make it to
 >A couple of bits of information from recent events:
 >The CRM and ontologies in general were discussed at a recent AHDS
 >E-Science seminar in London and also at an AHRC Methods Network Expert
 >Seminar in Sheffield; seems like everyone is now at least aware of such
 >ontologies, if not always what they are, what they can do and how they
 >do it... The difference between an ontology in the computer science
 >sense (i.e. being a formalised description of semantic structure) and an
 >ontology from a philosophical viewpoint (i.e. simply some 'world-view')
 >is perhaps not always fully appreciated, the term ontology having become
 >rather fashionable again. Manfred Thaller gave an excellent paper at
 >Sheffield (see the abstracts online) and I mentioned the CRM from a GIS
 >standpoint, it being the glue that will make lots of GIS things happen
 >(eg advanced web-services for sourcing, delivering, validating and
 >enhancing spatial data). The report for the London meeting will be
 >online soon but again the use of such technologies as the CRM was seen
 >as highly important to the E-Science agenda.
 >AHRC Methods Network seminars:
 >AHDS E-Science seminars: http://ahds.ac.uk/e-science/index.htm
 >There was also an interesting post from Ed Lee on the FISH Technical
 >list about how Cadcorp have written a MIDAS XML plug-in for their GIS
 >application, hopefully the first of many; exeGesIS are also working on
 >one. I would have thought the big players (Esri, AutoDesk, etc) would
 >have been interested as they have been getting into archaeology a lot
 >more in recent years (Esri have even gone so far as to publish data
 >models of a sort in 2002 for archaeology:
 >y&dmid=29). After all, Esri wrote an application to handle Ordnance
 >Survey data (MapManager), why not NMR/SMR/HER/other data using the MIDAS
 >schema...? Failing that, could we as a community produce such routines
 >for the major applications...? Would this not be a good case for a
 >funded development project, given the potential impact of having such
 >import/export routines at our fingertips to use on any project...? I
 >would welcome thoughts on this.
 >Original post from Edmund Lee:
 >"Hello folks,
 >I'm grateful to a colleague in English Heritage for bringing the
 >following news item to my attention. CadCorp have developed a plug-in to
 >allow their software to accept MIDAS XML data into their GIS system.
 >All the best,
 >Paul Cripps
 >Archaeology, School of Humanities
 >University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BF
 >Archaeological Computing Research Group:
 >Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, UK
 >Chapter Meeting 2006:
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 >>Well everyone we have had 90 days without any action! I guess
 >>we are all busy. I am just typing up some notes from
 >>discussions at CAA06 which I will distribute shortly. Anyone
 >>else got some news?
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