[Crm-sig] ISSUE: Scope Note improvements

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Fri Dec 15 11:37:57 EET 2006

Dear All,

For the next amendment to ISO21127, I propose to rework the following scope notes:

1) E51 Contact Point

  Scope Note:  This class comprises identifiers
  	used to communicate with instances of E39 Actor.


2) E54 Dimension

   .....An instance of E54 Dimension is thought to be the true quantity, independent from its
      numerical approximation, e.g. in inches or in cm.

change: "is thought to be"
   ....The properties of the class E54 Dimension allow for expressing the numerical approximation.


3) E3 Condition State

...It describes the prevailing physical condition
  of any material object or feature during a specific E52 Time Span.

Should be : An instance of this class...

4) E4 Period
      ...Artistic style may be modeled as E4 Period....

may be better: ...Artistic style can be regarded as E4 Period.

5) the capital of Italy (E53) is identified by Rome (E48)
should be: the capital of Italy (E53) is identified by 'Rome' (E48)

6) coffee mug – OXCMS:1983.1.1 (E19) has note
  chipped at edge of handle (E62) has type Condition (E55)

Should be: coffee mug – OXCMS:1983.1.1 (E19) has note
  'chipped at edge of handle' (E62) has type Condition (E55)

7) E3 Condition State

      Ruination of theTower of Babylon (E3) consists of wind-erosion phase (E3)

Is a bad example, describing rather an extended Event than a condition state.

8) Question: Should the stereotype phrase "this property descibes..." be replaced by
     "An instance of this property describes..." ?




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