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Stefano Costa steko at iosa.it
Fri Aug 11 17:20:07 EEST 2006

Il giorno ven, 11/08/2006 alle 14.53 +0300, martin ha scritto:

> FISH colleagues might be interested to dip into discussion on the
> britarch list, triggered a couple of days back by a query on why data is
> not more often shared between heritage organisations. Technical issues,
> copyright etc have been suggested.
> Access the britarch message archive via BRITARCH online archives.
> <http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?LIST=BRITARCH> And search
> the list for messages including the word ?share? in the subject line for
> messages after 01 August. Theres already in excess of 50 posts in this
> thread, which suggests this is an area of continuing interest. There may
> be points that FISH could learn e.g. for presentation of the
> Interoperability Toolkit, or for future Fact Sheets.

Dear Martin,
list members, this thread seems very interesting indeed. The whole
discussion starts from this post, you can easily go forward from there
(should be easier than the search method)


Even mostly about Britain, this thread is of great interest to me.

Thanks to Martin for forwarding this one.


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