[crm-sig] Mapping from UNIMARC to CIDOC CRM

Mon Apr 24 17:23:52 EEST 2006

Dear colleagues,
The mapping from the UNIMARC Bibliographic format to the semantic model 
CIDOC CRM, that was initiated over two years ago as part of the European 
project named SCULPTEUR, at the initiative of C2RMF (Centre de recherche 
et de restauration des musées de France, Christian Lahanier), is now 
This mapping can be of interest for any application that makes use of both 
the UNIMARC format and the CIDOC CRM model. It needs to be validated by 
the two communities who originated those significant tools. This is the 
reason why this message is being sent to:
- the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group, who maintains the CIDOC CRM model;
- the FRBR/CRM Harmonization Group;
- Fernanda Campos, director of the IFLA UNIMARC Core Activity;
- Pat Riva, chair of the FRBR Review Group;
- and Judith Kuhagen, chair of the IFLA Cataloguing Section.
Please have a look at this mapping, transmit it to the group you chair as 
you find it appropriate, and to whoever you think could be interested in 
re-reading it and making suggestions to amend it, and do not hesitate to 
criticize it; it will not be made publicly available until it has been 
carefully re-read.
It consists of a Word file (introduction) and an Excel file (the mapping 
properly said), both zipped.
With all best wishes,
Patrick Le Boeuf
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