[crm-sig] Call for Papers CAA2006 Fargo, ND USA. April 18-21, 2006.

James Landrum james.landrum at ndsu.nodak.edu
Tue Sep 13 20:07:31 EEST 2005

DEAR CRM SIG and CRM AWG lists, apologies for cross posting to those of 
you who are on both lists.
I have had brief email chats with Martin Doerr and Stephen Steads about 
CRM SIG and CRM AWG participation in CAA2006, and suggest that 
appropriate discussions about  presentations at paper and poster 
sessions, workshops, symposia, and roundtable panels discussions be 
posted to the lists.

We hope that each and all of you can attend CAA2006.

Forward of Call for Papers from the CAA2006 Conference Organizing 

****         Call for Papers         ****

34th Annual Meeting and Conference
Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
CAA2006 - Fargo, ND ** April 18-21, 2006

Ramada Plaza Suites and Conference Center
Fargo, North Dakota, USA

View the following document on-line at:

Dear Colleague:

The Conference Organizing Committee for CAA2006 invites you to participate
in the Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods
in Archaeology (CAA).

You can participate in the conference by submitting an abstract for a 
paper presentation, symposium, poster, workshop, or roundtable panel.  
Or, simply attend the conference, with its open and cordial atmosphere, 
to learn more about new developments in computer applications and 
quantitative methods, and to meet and talk with international colleagues.

****            About CAA            ****

CAA is an international organization with the goal expanding fruitful
communication between archaeologists, computer scientists, and 
mathematicians.  The annual CAA conference provides the premier venue 
for the presentation and dissemination of studies on state-of-the-art and
advanced computer technologies useful in the study of, preservation of, and
access to archaeological resources. The conference also attracts museum
specialists, graphic artists, geographers, physical anthropologists, design
professionals, and more.  The theme for CAA2006 is Digital Discovery: 
Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage.

****        Conference Topics        ****

Conference papers (long and short forms), symposia, posters, workshops, 
and roundtable panels are welcome on any topic pertinent to CAA.  Topics 
to be covered at the conference include but are not limited to the 

1.  ***Virtual Reality Modeling***
        Site and Architecture Modeling; Augmented and Immersive         
Environments; Game Engines.

2.  ***Simulations and Complex Modeling***
        Paleoenvironments; Predictive Modeling; Artificial Intelligence.

3.  ***3D Data Capture, Manipulation, and Analysis***
        Object Modeling (laser, CT, photogrammetry, etc.); Object 
        Reconstruction (pottery, bone, etc.); Computer Aided Shape 

4.  ***Field Applications***
        Software; Hardware; Wireless Applications; GPS Applications;

5.  ***Remote Sensing***
        Subsurface Prospecting; Low and High Altitude Sensing.

6.  ***Mapping and Spatial Technologies (GIS and others)***
        Intra-site; Region and Beyond; Terrain Mapping.

7.  ***Informatics***
        Databases; Digital Libraries, Archives, Portals; Data Mining; 
        Standards and Best Practices; Internet Applications; Multimedia 

8.  ***Education***
        Classrooms; Museums; Other Informal (digital videos, audio 
        tours, TV, etc.); Remote Learning.

9.  ***Cultural Heritage Resources Management***
        Heritage and the Public (tourism, public trust, etc.)
        Professional Heritage Management.

10. ***Bio-Archaeology and Human Biological Heritage***
        Osteological and Fossil Studies; Mummy Studies; Forensics; 
        Anthropometry; Genetic/Population Modeling.

11. ***Quantitative Applications***
        Statistical Analyses; Mathematical Modeling; Predictive Modeling.

12. ***Archaeometry***
        Chronology; Provenance Studies.

13. ***Maritime Archaeology***
        Data Capture; Nautical; Underwater Sites.

14. ***Theoretical Issues***
        All Topic Areas

15. ***Other Topics***

****       Important Deadlines       ****

1.  December 1, 2005 - Symposium Proposal Submission Closes
2.  January 2, 2006 - Early Registration Closes
3.  January 2, 2006 - Abstract Submission Closes
       - Papers, Roundtable Panels, Workshops, Posters, and 3D Virtual 
         Reality Presentations
4.  February 1, 2006 - Sponsorship Signup Closes
       - General Conference, Exhibit Space, Attendance Fellowships, 
         Program Advertisements

**** 3D Virtual Reality Presentation ****

CAA2006 Fargo will have a room designated for 3D stereo projection of 
virtual worlds. This is a rare opportunity for those working in 3D VR to
show their models, and we encourage all who have produced virtual worlds 
to submit your work, or some part of it.

See CAA2006 Presentation Guidelines for more information:

****        More Information         ****

To register for the conference and to submit an abstract, please visit the
conference website at: http://www.caa2006.org/

To stay abreast of conference news and developments, sign up for the 
CAA2006 Mailing List at: http://www.caa2006.org/mailinglist/

For questions or comments related to the CAA2006 conference, please send 
e-mail to: info at www.caa2006.org

For questions about renting a vendor booth at the CAA2006 Technology Expo,
or sponsoring a conference event, please send e-mail to: 
sponsors at www.caa2006.org

View this document on-line at

We look forward to meeting you at CAA2006 in Fargo, ND!

Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark
Chair, CAA2006 Fargo
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND  58105
(701) 231-6434

This email was sent to you because you asked to recieved updates about 
the CAA2006 conference being held in Fargo, ND. If you do not wish to 
receive future e-mails, please go to http://www.caa2006.org/mailinglist. 
You can contact the CAA2006 Organizing Committee by sending e-mail to 
info at www.caa2006.org or sending mail to Dr. Jeffrey T. Clark, Chair 
CAA2006 Fargo, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, PO Box 5075, 
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105  USA.

>From the desk of James [Jim] E. Landrum III,
Archaeology Materials and Database Manager,
Archaeology Technologies Laboratory (ATL; http://atl.ndsu)
North Dakota State University (NDSU),
Digital Archive Network for Anthropology and World Heritage (DANA-WH; http://dana-wh.net)
Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) 
CAA2006 Conference, Fargo, North Dakota, USA. http://www.caa2006.org

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