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*Wider perspective - broader base*

CIDOC annual meeting 2006
Gothenburg , Sweden

First Call - Call for papers

The CIDOC annual meeting and conference 2006 will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 10-14 2006, in the localities of The Museum of 
World Culture and nearby venues. Invitation and further info at: http://cidoc06.se

CIDOC is the international focus for the documentation interests of museums and related organizations - an international committee of ICOM - 
International Council of Museums

The conference themes enlighten the fact that more and more efforts are taken in the field of cross border cooperation and the focus on 
standardisation from outside the traditional museum sector.

At the same time as other organisations and users looks at museums we also have to look at the knowledge management movements outside 
museums and to collaborate between sectors as natural and cultural heritage. Aspects as fighting illicit traffic with heritage objects and 
bringing intangible heritage knowledge to future needs, amongst others, also form a challenge for the documentation systems.

We also would like to enforce the museology and information science researchers to study the standardisation evolution within the museum field.

Opening for a broader knowledge of CIDOC and the CIDOC work we hope to gain a stronger adoption in everyday work in museums, and a more 
active partaking in future CIDOC activities.

We welcome and encourage - together with the established experts - students, young professionals and curators coming from the universities 
and not earlier represented museums around the world, to take part in the conference as delegates - and to become members of the CIDOC.

See more information on the conference at  -  http://cidoc06.se

CIDOC and ICOM Web Sites - http://cidoc.icom.museum - http://icom.museum


For the organizing committee

Anne Murray
Bengt Wittgren
Hans Rengman

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