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Call for Presentations at the 7th Networked Knowledge Organization
Systems (NKOS) Workshop

at JCDL2005  June 10-11 in Denver, Colorado

Next Generation Knowledge Organization Systems:

Integration Challenges and Stategies

The 7th NKOS Workshop will take place on June 10-11, as part of JCDL2005
in Denver, Colorado <http://www.jcdl2005.org <http://www.ecdl2005.org/>>. It builds on the previous NKOS Workshops at JCDL and ECDL. A
combination of invited and submitted presentations will make up the
program.  Proposals are invited for presentations (20 minutes) on work
or projects related to the themes of the workshop.

Please email proposals (500 words) by April 1st to Gail Hodge. Further
details will be posted on the NKOS website as they emerge:

http://nkos.slis.kent.edu <http://nkos.slis.kent.edu/>

See below for list of indicative topics and provisional schedule of the

Main Contact: Gail Hodge

                         Information International Associates, Inc.

312 Walnut Pl.

Havertown, PA 19083 USA

Email: gailhodge at aol.com


This year's Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) workshop
builds on seven years of workshops in the U.S. and Europe on issues
enabling networked knowledge organization systems (KOS), such as
classification systems, thesauri, gazetteers, taxonomies, and
ontologies, to support the description, retrieval, and use of diverse
information resources. Now many efforts are underway to research the
issues and implement solutions to the challenges of networking and
integrating KOS somewhat isolated domains: indexing services and
thesaurus builders; computer scientists and system integrators;
ontologists; taxonomists; and others. Requirements to solve these
integration issues have become mission critical in many cases; the need
to support computational, programmatic integration to handle masses of
data from independent sources is pushing the research and development
agenda. The need to move forward to meet these challenges while at the
same time applying the best practices and "wisdom" developed through
years of practical experience is acute.

The JCDL-NKOS workshop for 2005 will bring together researchers and
implementers from diverse  international communities who are developing
new models, conducting research, and implementing practical solutions
for networking KOS and integrating the associated information and data
resources.  The primary aim of the workshop is to inform NKOS
researchers and practitioners about developments across a number of
communities and to identify research and development directions. The
objectives are to encourage sharing of new initiatives and lessons
learned and to identify collaborative development opportunities.

Topics may include:

     * The integration of KOS of different types, including thesauri,
       classification systems,  gazetteers, taxonomies and ontologies, in
       support of specific digital library and semantic web initiatives.
     * Methodologies, tools, and strategies for integrating and extending
       KOS to address new technology opportunities and to bridge domains
       and user communities.
     * Updates to terminology related standards, including OWL, RDF, NISO
       Z39.19, the British Thesaurus Standard and others from ISO and the
* Identification of a research agenda to move forward

Program Outline

Session 1: Welcome and introduction to NKOS and to the workshop

Session 2: Self-introductions and brief descriptions of projects and
interests particularly as they relate to the topic of integration and

Session 3: Case studies about the interoperability and integration of
KOSs (approximately 2 presentations)

Session 4:   Presentations on methodologies, tools and strategies
(approximately 2)

Session 5:  Presentations on recent related standards activities
(approximately 2)

Session 6:  Open discussion of the issues raised in the previous sessions

Session 7: Identification of a research agenda based on reactions from a
panel of practitioners, software developers, academics and standards

Workshop Format

The full-day workshop will begin Friday afternoon and end Saturday
morning.  It will include invited and accepted presentations, guided by
a program committee.  Presentations will be grouped into topic sessions
and demonstrations can be set up for access before and after the
workshop and during breaks. Discussion and identification of issues will
be encouraged by providing a significant amount of time for open
discussion and networking opportunities. Participants will be given the
opportunity to introduce their work and their interests.  The
identification of a research agenda will involve significant facilitated

       Expected Participants

·         Digital library and information infrastructure developers,

·         Thesaurus and ontology developers,

·         Standard developers in the area of terminology usage and exchange,

·         Resource discovery service providers (search engines,
directories, portals etc.)

·         Information scientists, library museum and archive professionals,

·         Language engineering and terminology researchers

·         Knowledge managers

Program Committee

Gail Hodge, Information International Associates, Inc.

Jian Qin, University of Syracuse

Douglas Tudhope, University of Glamorgan

Marcia Zeng, Kent State University

Linda Hill

Registration and Further Details

JCDL2005 will handle registration for the Workshop as part of the
conference registration.

See the NKOS web site for further details and for general information on

http://nkos.slis.kent.edu <http://nkos.slis.kent.edu/>


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