[crm-sig] ISO CRM ballot

Tyler Bell tyler.bell at oxarchdigital.com
Fri Mar 11 12:42:00 EET 2005

CRM Team,

We must write a "press release" about this news.

I suggest this because it is good to have a single reference that 
highlights its significance for the CRM and (more importantly) the 
cultural heritage community.

With a press release in hand, we can contact the major information 
bodies and publications with a reference to the release; it would also 
be handy to have something to pass something around during the 
conference season.

In all, this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the CRM and 
prepare the world for its advent.  Assuming this is agreed, I'll write 
the release and will of course welcome input.


Nicholas.Crofts at mah.ville-ge.ch wrote:
> Dear all,
> Good news... results of the ISO 21127 DSI ballot have just come in and I'm
> happy to say that the result was unanimous approval. Thanks to this we will
> be able to move directly into the publication phase without the  need to
> pass through a FDIS (final draft) ballot.
> Voting results in the document below
>  (See attached file: Vote Results.pdf)
> Looking forward to seeing you in Zagreb
> best wishes
> Nick Crofts
> Convenor ISO TC46 SC4 WG9

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