[crm-sig] ISO CRM ballot

James Landrum james.landrum at ndsu.nodak.edu
Wed Mar 9 19:35:55 EET 2005

Excellent news! Congratulations!

Nicholas.Crofts at mah.ville-ge.ch wrote:

>Dear all,
>Good news... results of the ISO 21127 DSI ballot have just come in and I'm
>happy to say that the result was unanimous approval. Thanks to this we will
>be able to move directly into the publication phase without the  need to
>pass through a FDIS (final draft) ballot.
>Voting results in the document below
> (See attached file: Vote Results.pdf)
>Looking forward to seeing you in Zagreb
>best wishes
>Nick Crofts
>Convenor ISO TC46 SC4 WG9

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