[crm-sig] CRM SIG Meeting at CIDOC 2005, CALL FOR COMMENT

Han, Yan hany at u.library.arizona.edu
Wed Jun 1 02:39:51 EEST 2005

So far, we have the mapping of CRM 3.2 >> RDFS. Is there anyone working
on CRM 4.1 >> RDFS? 

We are using a RDF database for a journal delivery. 

University of Arizona Library

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During CIDOC 2005, a CIDOC CRM SIG Meeting took place.

It could be clarified, that CIDOC Conferences will also be open to
non-CIDOC members at a higher fee.

A CRM tutorial was held with 30 participants.

In the following meetings, the following topics were discussed:

A) Progress of the ISO submission:
     1. Resolve the naming difference between the ISO version and the
version 4.0 on http://cidoc.ics.forth.gr:
             E70 Stuff becomes E70 Thing in ISO 21127,
             E8 Acquisition Event becomes E8 Acquisition
	    E11 Modification Event becomes E11 Modification
	    E12 Production Event becomes E12 Production
	    E16 Measurement Event becomes E16 Measurement
	    E65 Creation Event becomes E65 Creation
	    E66 Formation Event becomes E66 Formation

      The Naming as in ISO will be introduced into CICOC CRM version 4.1
to avoid diverging
      versions. The reason for the change of naming were difficulties
when trying to make an as literal
      as possible translation to French, and other languages as well.

    2. The Group asked Nick Crofts, convener of the ISO Working Group
for ISO21127 to apply for
        a "core standard status" for the CRM, which means that the
standard will be available free of charge.

    3. The Group decided that no perm,anent maintenance procedure from
the ISO side is necessary.
        This is good practice for standards describing changing
        The standard can be amended at any time, and must be reviewed
after five years.

B) The Group was informed by me (Martin Doerr) about the status of the
CRM-FRBR Harmonization:
       A first draft model has been created. Now the scope notes are
under development. The
       ambition is to have a first consolidated draft this summer, which
is verbose enough so that
       it can be circulated to the wider audience for general
discussion. The activity has the full
       support from CIDOC and IFLA. The next FRBR-CRM meeting will take
place July 4-6 in Heraklion.

C) CIDOC and TEI support the collaboration between TEI and CIDOC.
Christian Emil Ore, current chair of CIDOC,
    is also a member of TEI and the TEI Working Group on ontologies and
member of CRM-SIG. He will lead the
    harmonization of TEI and CIDOC CRM, and communicate the respective
progress and any questions to
    be discussed to CRM SIG.

D) There was a discussion about how to apply the CRM:

    One has to distinguish a) the data acquisition level, that typically
includes the primary repository,
    b) the integration level, which may be achieved by global mediators
or data warehouse style integration
       and harvesting, and c) the interpretation level which includes
story telling, teaching, web presentations etc.

  At data acquisition level, CRM compatible, rich data formats are
recommended, optimized in form and language to the
  specific task. In order to solve the problem of shared notions of
identity, federations of local (i.e. within the primary
  repositories) and global authorities are recommended that will
maintain once established equivalences.

   At integration level, a minimal global finding aids model for access
was discussed that still preserves CRM semantics:
     A "CRM Core" of about 15 fields was drafted (attached). This is not
a proposed documentation structure!

   The Group is asked to COMMENT widely on this draft.

E) CCO provides guidelines for selecting, ordering, and formatting data
used to populate catalog records.
    (http://www.vraweb.org/CCOweb/). The organisation asks for comments
on the latest draft. The work was presented
     at the CIDOC Conference and seems to be highly relevant and
thorough. At some points, there seem to exist
     possible conflicts with the CIDOC CRM (the recommendations to
document related places), which will be further
     investigated by CRM SIG and the Documentation Standards Working
Group. The idea is that CIDOC expresses a
     constructive criticism as soon as possible, which will be
elaborated by the relevant CIDOC Working Groups.
     All comments welcome.

F) The next full CRM Workshop is envisaged winter, early 2006. There
will be a local CRM workshop in Sweden in
     October/November 2005, and another FRBR-CRM Meeting in 2005 still
to be announced.




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