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Han, Yan hany at u.library.arizona.edu
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Many thanks for your comment.

>From the official documentation of DC
(http://dublincore.org/documents/dcmi-terms/ ), DC.coverage is "The
extent or scope of the content of the resource." "Coverage will
typically include spatial location (a place name or geographic
coordinates), temporal period (a period label, date, or date range) or
jurisdiction (such as a named administrative entity)."

so the coverage is about the content. In this case, DC.Coverage should
be mapped to E1 (since there is no way to know a place, a time, or an
actor). See attached figure.

In addition, we tried to map MARC . It is not our intention to do all
the MARC detailed mapping. The MARC tags used in the figure are general
tags describe in Library of Congress MARC to DC Crosswalk
<http://www.loc.gov/marc/marc2dc.html>. In this case, we hope to use CRM
as the central hub to do the crosswalk. 
Please feel free to comment.


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Dear Yan Han,

The mapping looks quite perfect to my understanding.  The only point
that is not completely clear to me is the DC.Coverage: Is coverage about
the content or about the creation of the item or about both? In the
first case, the place of creation could not be encoded in DC, and
DC.Coverage would be a covered by the i"s about link already?



Han, Yan wrote:
> Hello, All,
> Based on Martin's paper and my understanding of DC, we drew a mapping
> of DC (unqualified) to CRM. We are working on a "proof-of-concept" 
> project that will use the mapping with a journal delivery project.
> We started at E73 for DC. Identifier since there must be at least one
> identifier for any object.
> Please feel free to comment correctness, validity, errors, etc.
> Yan Han
> MSc. Computer Science, MLIS
> Systems Librarian
> University of Arizona Library
> Tucson, AZ, US.
> hany at u.library.arizona.edu
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