[crm-sig] call for abstract/papers CIDOC2005 (reminder)

Christian-Emil Ore c.e.s.ore at edd.uio.no
Tue Jan 25 00:41:01 EET 2005

Dear all,
The annual CIDOC conference will take place in Zagreb, Croatia May 23. - 
27. 2005.

The deadline for the submission of abstract is now February 15. More 
information about the conference can be found at http://www.cidoc2005.com.

Christian-Emil Ore
Chair of CIDOC

Worldwide, museums have put in and are still investing enormous efforts in 
the field of the expert documentation of the objects and collections that 
they have assembled, are looking after, investigating and presenting. The 
global information community expects and peremptorily demands access to the 
information and knowledge stored in museums. For whom are we documenting if 
not for this community? So let us take the time to consider museum 
documentation from the point of view of the user. Are the forms of 
documentation that we use in museums going to be just as interesting and 
relevant to the general public? What kind of expectations does the public 
have? How can we affect the museum-public relationship through documentation?

The theme of this conference is "Documentation and Users". The list of 
sub-topics proposed below does not aim at finality or exhaustiveness, and 
every contribution to the theme is welcome:
    * From inventorisation and cataloguing to documentation for users: 
internal vs external documentation, professional vs public priorities, 
visitors vs users
    * The impact of users on documentation:
    * Interaction, information exchange, community expectations, focusing 
on groups of users
    * The digital heritage: new forms of museum documentation, contents 
management vs collection management, user-friendly knowledge systems, the 
Internet and electronic possibilities, digital preservation
    * Problems and challenges: additional professional efforts, costs, 
copyright, theft, etc.
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