[crm-sig] Folksonomies

Tyler Bell tyler.bell at oxarchdigital.com
Tue Apr 26 17:08:17 EEST 2005


A link here to an interesting article in last week's Computing Magazine 
(VNU Pub) that will be of interest to this list

'Taxonomies and Folksonomy'

In addition to the advent of 'folksonomies', there are two things to note:

- 68% of surveyed institutions described taxonomies as being 
'imperative', 'important' or very important' to business strategy.
- the term 'taxonomy' has apparently entered common parlance

Also see a commentary on the use of 'folksonomies' in the 'Flickr' 
online image program:


These points all show that what the CRM-SIG members are doing is slowly 
moving out of the realm of information scientists and into that of the 
end user.


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