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Mon Oct 18 20:50:50 EEST 2004

Dear Christian-Emil,

I copy this message to the crm-sig for discussion.

Congratulations to your election! I wish you a successful work with CIDOC.
Please let us know, how we can help and contribute to promote the work of CIDOC.

(First on my wish-list are: Discussing a vision for the goals of CIDOC,
foster engagement of new-comers, visibility and more professional projection
of working group activities and results.)

With respect to TEI I think:
Generally speaking we should develop an understanding of an overall
IT landscape in archives, museums and libraries. The picture I am normally
drawing is that of federations of loosely coupled
collection management systems, which produce knowledge in a highly specialized
workflow on a narrow subject, such as classical Greek vases, German medieval
manuscripts, realia on medieval paintings etc. Further there are library catalogues,
and digital libraries, which represent a) dedicated scientific studies and
b) primary historical material (text, image, audio). All those are characterized
by focus, and the secondary material is often updated in subsequent versions.

All this material is the warrant for sound work in science and humanities.
It comes in units that are related to authorities, people, that associate their
name and their scientific reputation with the quality of this material. Therefore
it must be highly persistent and reliable. Let's call it the "production level".

Now, any kind of research needs to understand the latest stage of knowledge that
results from all these. For that task, document boundaries are a hindrance, and
we must imagine the result as a huge, volatile network that allows us to detect new
relations, relationships, influences, dependencies, contexts. That allow us to
reinterpret results poorly understood in isolation. The Dublin Core, the CIDOC CRM,
the FRBR entities Work and Expression, the ABC Harmony model all aim at enabling
this "integration level". The CIDOC CRM is the first chance to have a basic, robust
and expressive enough set of shared concepts to formulate the integration level.

The "integration level" cannot replace the production level.
without it, we cannot critisize the source of our knowledge and cannot control the
evolution of our knowledge. The "production level" must be compatible (harmonized)
with the integration level, so that the transition can be easily made (by query
mediation or translation into "datawarehouses"), the famous "semantic interoperability".
Without an integration level, integration is restricted to the reading and memory
capacity of the researchers.

I see TEI more on the production-level. Therefore TEI should complement the CRM on
the encoding side. I propose to:

Investigate which meaning in TEI tags maps and doesn't map to the CRM, so that integrated
knowledge can be produced from TEI encoded data.

Investigate which extensions for the CRM may be required to do so, or which improvements could be proposed to TEI.

Investigate where TEI benefits from or foresees dedicated ontologies/terminologies as data elements,
and how these match to the type hierarchies foreseen but not contained in the CRM, or to existing CRM

Investigate exchange of know-how between CRM-SIG and TEI:
Knowledge engineering for ontological aspects of TEI.
Applicability of TEI products and methods for museum documentation.

Please comment,



Christian-Emil Ore wrote:
> Dear Martin,
> My collegue Øyvind and I are going to the annual TEI-meeting in 
> Baltimore, US, next Friday (22/10). The EDD (Unit for digital 
> documentation) is a partner of the TEI Consortium. We have suggested a 
> SIG on ontologies and TEI. This was done long before I became Chair of 
> the  CIDOC Board. However, according to the Workplan of CIDOC 2004-2007 
> (Strategy to achieve goals) :
>     * liaise with TEI, ICA, EAD, EPOCH and IFLA (etc.) to establish
> common interests
> one, that is me in the rôle of chair of the CIDOC board, should use this 
> opportunity to "liaise" with TEI. You are the Chair of CRM SIG. Do you 
> have any opinions, suggestions, special subject one should present or 
> discuss with TEI ? 
> Best,
> Christian-Emil


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