[crm-sig] CRM translation (and XML)

Tyler Bell tyler.bell at oxarchdigital.com
Fri Oct 1 18:10:47 EEST 2004

When can we translate the CRM into English Martin?

Har! just kidding; a little Friday CRM humor...

On a more serious note, I strongly feel that we should explore XML 
markup here.  It would certainly facilitate the process of creating, 
comparing and publishing multiple language versions of the CRM. This is 
what I mean:

Creating --  the formal structure of XML would allow individuals to work 
on a specific 'chunk' of text which would facilitate the distribution of 
translation task.  Users can edit in any text app.  Sure, you can do 
this now in Word, but the XML structure provides a lucid and manageable 

Comparing -- Because classes and properties have/are unique identifiers, 
an xpath query allows one to pull out different translations of the same 
class/property definition for immediate comparison.

Publishing -- The formal structuring would allow one to write very 
straightforward web applications that can translate a single class or 
property on the fly, without having to move to a different language 
version of the entire CRM.

Along these lines, I would suggest that we design an XML schema for the 
recording of the CRM.  This would be very straightforward and facilitate 
its exchange and integration with other systems and document formats, 
including DocBook XML.

Bit large a post for a Friday...


martin wrote:
> Dear All,
> The Japan Art Documentation Service has translated the CRM to Japanese.
> Currently, ICS-FORTH translates the CRM to Greek.
> Siegfried Krause, Karl-Heinz Lampe and me translate the CRM to German.
> A translation to Chinese may start soon (details to be announced).
> Therefore I propose to have a session dedicated to experiences and
> pitfals in translating the CRM during the CRM Workshop in Nuremberg.
> Please inform anyone you know of who may intend to translate the CRM
> about this event.
> Best wishes,
> Martin

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