[crm-sig] Fwd: Thesaurus standards on the move

Tony Gill tg at tonygill.com
Wed Nov 3 23:45:36 EET 2004

Of potential interest to the CIDOC-CRM community...

>Work is under way to revise the British (and International) Standards
>for thesauri, with a view to interoperability in the era of networks and
>maybe even the Semantic Web. A new standard called BS 8723, "Structured
>vocabularies for information retrieval - Guide" is planned, to be in
>five parts, published separately. The Parts will be as follows:
>Part 1 - Definitions, symbols and abbreviations;
>Part 2 - Thesauri;
>Part 3 - Vocabularies other than thesauri;
>Part 4 - Interoperation between multiple vocabularies;
>Part 5 - Interoperation between vocabularies and other components of
>information storage and retrieval systems
>Drafts have now been issued by BSI for Parts 1 and 2, numbered
>04/30086620 DC  and
>04/30094113 DC respectively. The documents may be ordered from BSI
>Customer Services (tel +44(0)208-996-9001 or email
>orders at bsi-global.com).  BSI will make a charge in the order of 10 or 20
>pounds, for members and non-members respectively. It is important to get
>hold of the documents promptly, as the end of December 2004 is the
>deadline for comments.
>The revision is long overdue. The existing standard for monolingual
>thesauri (the whole scope of which is revised in Parts 1 and 2) is dated
>1986! Your comments will help us all evolve to meet the needs of the
>21st century.
>Stella Dextre Clarke
>Convenor, Working Group for BS 8723
>Stella Dextre Clarke
>Information Consultant
>Luke House, West Hendred, Wantage, Oxon, OX12 8RR, UK
>Tel: 01235-833-298
>Fax: 01235-863-298
>SDClarke at LukeHouse.demon.co.uk
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