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Hi All,

I've discovered a few small errors in the Minutes:

> tg at mellon.org

Please list my e-mail address as tg at artstor.org, as I no longer work for the Mellon Foundation and the e-mail alias will probably not work forever.

> TG suggested using Wikipedia as a tool for creating the mapping dictionary. 

Not quite; I suggested setting up a CIDOC CRM Wiki so we could collaborate on producing documentation such as mappings. Wikipedia is a specific example of a wiki that uses the software to develop and maintain a collaborative encyclopaedia.

> Action: TG to set up collaborative editing tool.

I certainly never agreed to this, because it requires both access to the CRM-SIG website, and considerably better sysadmin skills than I possess. I *might* have promised to research potential software tools -- a good starting point is available here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki_software

I believe Stefano suggested looking at the Moin Moin software.

> TG made the point that each mapping should start with the class that corresponds to the field being described.

What I was trying to say is that each mapping should start with the class that corresponds to the entity that the record describes, and should end with the class that corresponds to the field being described.

The resizable website is a great improvement by the way.


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> Dear All,
> Here finally the minutes from the last meeting in Crete.
> Please check your action, please give me feed-back on any errors.
> Please have a look at the Website:
> the resizing changed, the comprehensive introduction, new 
> tech papers added.
> Feedback welcome.
> Best,
> Martin
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