[crm-sig] New members CALL FOR VOTE

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Fri May 7 12:15:06 EEST 2004

Dear All,

In the 9th CIDOC CRM SIG Meeting, the
Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, and the MINERVA Italian working group,
with representative:
Marzia Piccininno
minerva at beniculturali.it

Has been accepted as new member of CRM-SIG. We are happy to have finally an
Italian member and welcome our new partner.


Cultural Informatics Lab (CILab) of the
University of the Aegean, Department of Cultural Technology and

with contact person:
Evangelia Kavakli
kavakli at ct.aegean.gr

Would like to become new member of CRM-SIG:

CILab research interests focus on processes and systems creation for
cultural information management, with an emphasis on methods and tools for
the documentation, indexing, retrieval, presentation and exploitation of
cultural knowledge. Current research activities include:

- Knowledge Management Technologies (knowledge modelling, hypermedia models
and systems, digital libraries)
- Software Engineering (requirements engineering, process modelling,
intelligent collaboration systems)
- Human Computer Interaction (multimedia, design of virtual interfaces,
adaptive environments)
- Internet Technologies (peer-to-peer networks, ontologies, cultural data
annotation, wireless communications -- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
- Museum Information Systems (museum information standards, collection
management systems, museums and the Web)

If there are any objections, please vote until May 14.



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