[crm-sig] Actors and Legal Bodies: Employment Roles

Alison Stevenson Alison.Stevenson at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Jul 15 06:58:21 EEST 2004


After some analysis it looks like the CRM is a very good fit for the data that the NZ E Text Centre is going to organise using Topic Maps. Richard Light has kindly provided a copy of his cast of the CRM from RDF to XTM so we are on our way :-)

I'd like to ask for clarification on using the model to describe employment relationships.

Actors can perform an Activity in the role of a given Type

So I can say "Alison created some text in the role of writer"

However I'd like to cover roles that people play within an organisation

ie not only that  "Alison is a member of NZETC" but "Alison is a programmer at NZETC"

I can think of a two ways to do this:

1. Alison is a member of NZETC. Alison is of type programmer

2. Alison performs an activity "works for" the Legal Body NZETC in the role of (P14.1) Programmer.

Of course there is no "works for" Activity defined in the model but I can extend it to include one. This seems more attractive than using Type on Person but I'd appreciate hearing an opinion from the group.



Alison Stevenson
NZ Electronic Text Centre
Victoria University of Wellington 
New Zealand

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