[crm-sig] CRM as TopicMap

Alison Stevenson Alison.Stevenson at vuw.ac.nz
Mon Jul 5 06:46:17 EEST 2004

Hello Again,

I met and enjoyed working with some of you last year when I was part of the SCULPTEUR project and attended the Petersburg conference.

In January I left the UK (and SCULPTEUR) for an extended tramp around New Zealand and I'm now working for the NZ Electronic Text Centre in Wellington. They are interested in using Topic Maps to improve the organisation of their website and the various XML encoded cultural resources they provide (http://www.nzetc.org/). I'm currently looking into either designing or finding an ontology to encode as a Topic Map (XTM) and govern the organisation and navigation of the data.

It may be that at this stage the CRM is too complex to act as a useful Topic Map for the NZETC but I'm investigating the possibility of using the model. 

I remember Richard Light gave an presentation about TopicMaps at the Oxford meeting last October and his website provides a Topic Map based browser of the CRM. As far as I can see however the  'CRM as Topic Map' is not available as a resource on the CIDOC CRM website and there isn't much other information about any work that people have done in the this area. 

I'm guessing that is because not much work has been done but I would be very pleased to hear from Richard or anyone else who has looked as using the CRM as a Topic Map.

Best Regards,


Alison Stevenson
NZ Electronic Text Centre

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